About Us

Eco Pond Supply is a small, family owned business that consists of myself, my husband Bruce and, of course, the Eco Pond dogs, Lenny, Emma and Dezi. That’s Lenny and Emma in the photo to the right. That photo was taken a few years ago in front of our very first, very small pond. That just goes to prove that no matter how small your space, you always have room for a water garden!

We got our start with our love of gardening in general. Of course, no garden is complete without a water feature of some kind. The water garden bug bit us about 7 years ago. Sadly, in this area, there was nowhere to go for supplies other than the “big box” home improvement stores with their very limited supply or the local pet supply store – and they tend to limit their stock to aquarium supplies.

Like you, it is very important for us to use only safe, natural, and environmentally friendly water conditioners and treatments – especially since our dogs seem to think the pond is their personal water bowl! I know our customers want the same, not only for their 4-legged family members but the 2-legged ones as well – not to mention the birds and other critters that will visit!

Has this ever happened to you? I once bought a dual-action product that was supposed to clear the pond water and help control string algae. I thought I read the package carefully, but once I got it home, I noticed in the “fine print” that is was not safe for use with fish or plants! Well, what exactly is the purpose of that? Who doesn’t have a pond that contains plants and/or fish! And so, Eco Pond Supply was born! We want to be your online choice to help you build and maintain your own beautiful pond or water garden!
We only offer our customers the best quality pond kits in the market today with the lowest prices. We have browsed our competitor’s prices and offer comparable kits at 10-30% below theirs (including shipping costs). If you see the same kit offered elsewhere for less, please let us know and we will try to meet or beat their price. Just be sure to include shipping costs in the final price. At this time, we offer free shipping on combined orders or any kit over $300.

Since trying to choose individual components can be a daunting task, we currently limit our online stock to kits only. However, if you are looking for a specific component, whether it’s a pump, filter, filter media, skimmer, pre-cut liner (or by the roll), pvc pipe, any type of plumbing equipment or a replacement part, please let us know. We have hundreds of additional products available through our select vendors.

Thank you for shopping at EcoPondSupply.com. We wish the best for you, your family and your garden!

Check back often – we will continually add new products that meet our exacting standards.

Best regards,

Eco Pond Supply Team

Questions? Please contact us at customerservice@ecopondsupply.com