GreenEx Aquatic Formula
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GreenEx Aquatic Formula
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* All Natural
* Easy to use
* Self Dispersing
* Deoderizes
* Reduces Nutrient Load
* Balances both freshwater and marine aquatic environments

Safe, non-toxic, simple and all-natural...Greenex serves well as an effective and responsible tool in combating the pressing problem of excess nutrient load in surface water.

Pond and water garden owners across the United States, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and in parts of Europe have discovered the benefits of Greenex as an essential tool in managing the health and beauty of their water features.

Clean Up Water Naturally and Safely
Excess nutrient load from man's many activities run off into our rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, bays, intra-coastal waterways and oceans. The resultant nutrient pollution has tremendously adverse ecological & economic impact.

Sound management practices at the source (person by person, company by company, municipality by municipality) is fundamental to addressing the urgent problem of surface water pollution.

Field tests, commercial trials and customers have reported improved water clarity, deodorization and improved water flow through irrigation equipment and piping. Aquaculture experiments have shown significant reduction in ammonia levels and improved fish and shrimp health.

Proven Safe & Beneficial Greenex is perfect for use in many areas of water management since its effectiveness is easily monitored, application is safe for workers and it actually helps the environment.

Greenex contains no poisonous chemicals or heavy metals. It has no herbicidal action and hence will not harm plants or aquatic life. Greenex can be used confidently in areas where public health and worker safety is a concern.

Scientists recommend Greenex for use in composting, natural and organic farming, turf and greens-keeping, hydroponics, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, ponds, lakes, marinas, bays, sumps and canals. Trials have consistently yielded positive results in both salt water and fresh water applications.

What Is Greenex and How Does It Work?
Greenex is a dry powder of aerobic bacterial spores with an exceptional shelf life. As a self-dispersing matrix of our proprietary strain of bacillus subtilis in a carbon base, our patented hydrophobic carrier for the bacterial spores (which activate within minutes of introduction into a body of water) assures even distribution throughout the water application.

Our unique blend of microbes & conditioning agents assures that you will be applying the the most effective live flora in a formulation that has proven beneficial in a wide variety of applications.

Greenex bacteria is generally recognized as a safe (GRAS), non-pathogenic & naturally occurring beneficial bacteria that is approved for use on food crops. Greenex contains only select & carefully-tested bacteria that has not been genetically altered or modified.

These beneficial microbes break down nutrients into a smaller, more refined form while metabolizing and converting phosphorus, nitrites, ammonia and other undesirable compounds into bound organic sediment.

General Dosage As Follows:

* Mild Water Conditions: 2 tsp/1000 gal; 2 kg/acre ft.
* Moderate Water Conditons: 6 tsp/1000 gal; 3 kg/acre ft.
* Severe Water Conditions: 6 tsp/1000 gal (every 5 days); 4 kg/acre ft. initial shock dose