Elite 8x11 Pond Kit
Elite 8x11 Pond Kit
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Elite Series Pond Kits by PondBuilder include Contractor Grade Equipment. Creates up to 8' x 11' Pond at 1000 gallons.

This water garden kit includes:

* 12' x 15' Fish-Friendly EPDM Rubber PondGard Liner
* 12' x 15' Protective Underliner
* PondBuilder 8" Elite Mechanical Skimmer- with Matala Mat
* Skimmer includes Natural Cover Lid!
* PondBuilder 14" Elite Biological Waterfall Box- with Matala Mats
* Waterfall Box includes Landscape Lid making this unit very easy to hide!
* PondBuilder 2160gph Solids Handling Pump
* Check Valve Assembly
* 2" x 25' Black PVC Flex Hose
* 20 Watt Underwater Light Kit with Transformer
* Installation Kit with Black Foam
* Beneficial Bacteria