Serenity 8x11 Pond Kit
Serenity 8x11 Pond Kit
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The Serenity Watergarden Kit comes complete with everything you need to create that backyard paradise you've been dreaming about! These kits are available in two sizes and are shipped to you complete in one easy to handle box. Creating a watergarden has never been easier!

This Complete Basic Pond Kit Features Serenity Filtration System! Creates Pond up to 8' x 11'.
Pond will be approximately 1000 gallons.

This Serenity Pond Kit Comes Complete with:

* 12' x 15' EPDM Liner
* Protective Underliner
* Serenity 14" Biological Waterfall Filter
* Serenity Mechanical Skimmer Box w/Natural Lid
* Bacti-Twist Biological Media
* 1.5" Black PVC Flex Hose 16'
* PondBuilder Clearwater Pump 1800gph
* Check Valve Assembly
* Beneficial Bacteria
* Complete Instructions