Clear Pond Dry
16 oz.
Clear Pond Dry
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Clear-Pond Dry Formula uses nature's own way of ecologically balanced water purification. When mixed with the nutrient rich water of the pond, over 56-billion dormant microbes in each ounce of Clear Pond Dry burst into activity and quickly multiply until they reach the level required to control pollution.

The major toxins found in home ponds are ammonia, nitrites, and sulfides that are produced from the decomposition of fish wastes, old food and other debris. These toxins, namely ammonia/nitrates, are deadly to fish in very low concentrations and are destroyed by microbes of the Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter family. The sulfides are an attractive diet for some of the other cultures.

The microbes in Clear-Pond Dry Formula also produce enzymes which specifically target and decompose many of the other toxic compounds and organics found in the pond including dead algae, hydrocarbons, and detergents.

8 oz treats 12,000 gallons