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Snip-Its Barley Pond PadSnip-Its Barley Pond PadBarley straw for small ponds or barrel water features. Out of Stock until 12/06.
Microbe Lift Sludge AwayMicrobe Lift Sludge AwaySpeeds the biological removal of slow-to-degrade organic waste matter from pond bottoms. Perfect for ponds with a rock or gravel bottom.
Clear Pond DryClear Pond DryNature's own ecologically balanced water purification. Three sizes available: $24.95-$249.95)
Fall & Winter Formula - DryFall & Winter Formula - DryFWF Dry contains live beneficial bacteria to keep ponds clean, clear and healthy throughout the long winter months. Includes six 1 oz. packets.
Chloramine BusterChloramine BusterA specially developed compound that cleanses tap water of chemicals which have proven to be deadly to aquatic life (Three sizes available $13.50-$56.50)
Bio Surge DryBio Surge DryA dry microbiotic formulation biodegrade sludge and organic waste. Six 1 oz. packets.
Lavender & Barley Pond PadLavender & Barley Pond PadBarley straw combined with lavender as a natural algaecide to be used with a pumped pond system. 3 pads per pack.
Ammonia EliminatorAmmonia EliminatorSafely treat ammonia/nitrite problems nature's way with this new age Microbiotic Bacteria. 16 oz.
DefoamerDefoamerQuickly break down foam - safely and naturally. 4 oz.
Clear Pond BSL LiquidClear Pond BSL LiquidContains live beneficial bacteria and has been enhanced and patented to keep fish ponds clean, clear and healthy. It is a 100% environmentally safe fish pond care product. (Three sizes available: $13.95-$69.95)
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