Koi & Fish Food

Koi & Fish Food

Looking For Koi or Goldfish Food?

Look no further - we offer only the top brands of koi & goldfish food. We invite you to click on any of the links below to find detailed information about the various koi food & treats we offer.
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Hikari EconomyHikari EconomyThis economical, daily diet for koi and other pond fishes will provide them with the basic nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life. 11 lbs.
Hikari StapleHikari StapleExcellent preferred daily diet for koi and other pond fish (warm water food). Available in mini, medium & large pellet sizes.
Hikari GoldHikari GoldColor enhancing diet for koi. Provides active color enhancement that brings out the natural beauty and true colors of your koi. Floating pellet high in stabilized vitamin C. Available in mini, medium & large pellet sizes from 17.6 oz to 22 lbs.
Saki-HikariSaki-HikariSaki-Hikari� is the diet used by the All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion winners in back to back shows dating back to 2003. If you want the VERY best for your koi, look no further than Saki-Hikari! Available diets: Growth, Color & Multi-Season.
Hikari Wheat GermHikari Wheat GermA highly nutritious, easily assimilated, highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish. For feeding in cooler water temps.
Clear Pond Spring & Autumn Floating PelletsClear Pond Spring & Autumn Floating PelletsKoi & goldfish food for cool water feeding. 35 oz bag.
Clear Pond Floating StixClear Pond Floating StixKoi & goldfish food designed to combat warm water stress. 37 oz bag.
Clear Pond Staple Floating PelletsClear Pond Staple Floating PelletsKoi & Goldfish food for warm water feeding. 37 oz bag.
Microbe-Lift High Growth & EnergyMicrobe-Lift High Growth & EnergyFeed Growth & Energy starting in late spring for a boost of protein for growth. For use in water temps of at least 68�. Also for fall feeding to bulk up for the winter fast.
Microbe-Lift Legacy Fruits & GreensMicrobe-Lift Legacy Fruits & GreensA supplemental food with a blend of fourteen different fruits and vegetables!
Microbe-Lift Legacy Summer StapleMicrobe-Lift Legacy Summer StapleSummer Staple has animal protein & color enhancers needed during warmer weather. 36% protein.

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