Fish Pond Kits, Pondless Waterfall Kits and Koi Pond Bridges

Eco Pond Supply is your online source for everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful a water feature in your garden. We strive to offer the lowest prices on our discount pond kits and water garden supplies.

Ponds and water gardens are the fastest growing segment for gardening and outdoor enthusiasts – so, what are you waiting for? Let us help you create your backyard oasis!

Our Pond Kits for Sale…

We know from experience that building a new pond can be quite an investment, therefore, our garden pond kits for sale are priced below our online competition – on average 10%-30% below their retail prices including shipping. We offer free shipping on any discount pond kit or pondless waterfall kit over $300.00.

Pondless Waterfall Kits…

If a traditional pond is out of your realm or you’d like to upgrade an existing water garden, vanishing waterfalls and “endless” streams are a great option. Using a pondless waterfall kit, you can now enjoy the sites and sounds of a lovely water feature in your landscape with less maintenance and is the perfect solution for small spaces.

A Koi Pond Bridge for that Finishing Touch.

If you are looking to add a focal point to your water garden, a koi pond bridge would make a striking addition to your new or existing pond or stream.

Only Earth Friendly Water Garden Supplies…

We also offer environmentally friendly, fish and plant safe water garden supplies and treatments for you to maintain your new or existing water feature. Check out our line of beneficial bacteria designed to safely remove sludge and organic debris. We carry a host of all natural products designed to manage algae.

A Pond Kit for Everyone…

A liner pond kit is much more versatile and natural looking as your garden pond design choices are virtually limitless. Don’t settle for the outdated preformed pond kits that the local big box stores offer. Our discount pond kits come with everything you need to get started right away and can usually be completed in a weekend or two (just add water, rocks, plants and/or fish).

We offer a backyard pond kit for everyone – from the novice water gardener to the experienced pond hobbyist to Pro Kits for contractor installation

Only the Best Water Garden Supplies & Pond Kits…

At Eco Pond Supply, we carry only the best water garden ponds supply and pond kits on the market. We sell only natural and ecologically safe lines of water treatment products and fish care products. Not only do our products have to be safe for the pond fish and plants, they must be safe for children and our 4-legged family members as well!
Advantages of shopping with Eco Pond Supply:

  • * Larger Selection
  •  No Crowds
  • Ecologically Safe Products
  •  Lower Prices
  • To Your Door Delivery
  • Shop 24 Hours/Day
  • No Sales Tax ]
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Secure Shopping

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